natural wine, made from grapes

6 Reasons to Drink Natural Wine

It’s delicious

The wines we have curated are young and living wines with a pronounced and honest flavour profile that you don’t get with conventional wines. The term natural in natural wine stands for wine that is not tempered with. Healthy grapes are merely picked by hand, fermented by native yeast, unfiltered and then bottled. As a result, these wines truly represent the land the fruit was grown in, each with their own characteristics and personality. They are fun, full of life, and dangerously easy to drink!

You’re contributing to a more sustainable environment

Natural winemakers are not adding anything in the cellar, so their grapes must be super healthy. The makers are therefore always looking for fertile soils with biodiversity and nutrients readily available for the grape to help the wild fermentation. All those chemicals that make vineyards tidy and easy-to-manage are detrimental to wild microflora ecosystems and therefore unwanted. Making high quality natural wines requires that vineyard managers change how they farm. So by drinking natural wine, you’re contributing to a cleaner, healthier and more sustainable environment. Doesn’t that glass taste even better now?

Your mind and body will thank you

People are used to drinking wine, without realizing how highly refined most of them are. Even in organic wine, up to 35 different chemical additives are allowed to create a flavor profile that fits into the consumers’ expectation for taste. Excessive amounts of sulfites are often present to keep wine clean and preserved, but which are much harder for the liver to process. Natural wine is purely fermented grape juice, and because it is not refined, still contains all anti-oxidants and healthy bacteria that keep the wine stable and fresh in a natural way. No doubt, a few glasses (or bottles) of natural wine will be much easier to digest. You can say goodbye to that jackhammer in your head the following morning. Don’t forget: there is still alcohol in there though!

You’re making an educative decision

Since the current natural wine world relies mostly on word-of-mouth knowledge, knowing you’re actually drinking a wine that’s natural requires some additional knowledge and research. Certification is often expensive and most rebellious winemakers do not want to enter this bureaucracy. We decided to make the life of the winemaker and the consumer a bit easier by designing our own standards for natural wine. This is written on all our labels, so you can always make an educative decision about what you’re actually drinking. Isn’t that handy? 

You’re the party starter

We want to keep it simple for everybody, including the natural-wine-lovers-to-be. Therefore we provide you with just three distinct styles of wine, red, white and orange. For the design of our labels, we collaborated with different artists from across the world, so you are always bringing a piece of art to the table. Combine this with the liquid content of the bottle and you have the perfect party starter to make new friends. Don’t you just want to collect them all?

You’re joining the movement

In the 70s a group of winemakers from the Beaujolais started a movement in which they advocated for wines without the use of sulfites. This was a bold voice against the artificial way of winemaking that became the norm after industrialization. The conventional wine culture became full of rules and quality standards, while the natural wine movement bucks these conventions and breaks all rules. They promote native grape varietals, diversity and vintage variations. It is rebellious and beautiful and should be better known. If we can make natural wine even a little bit more accessible, we can collectively convince winemakers to make wine in a natural way and at least let them stop using chemicals in their vineyards. Are you joining?