natural wine, made from grapes


We’re the Grapehunters and we’re on a mission to spread the love for natural wine! We source wines directly from the producer, bottle them in artistic packaging and bring them to your doorstep.  Natural Wine – Selected by Grapehunters is real fermented grape juice, with nothing added and nothing removed. Don’t know where to start? We got you with just three styles: White, Red and Orange. 


Our Styles 

We bring you a curated and constant changing selection of natural wine in three styles

Funky White


Juicy Red


Trippy Orange


“Healthy for you,
healthy for the planet”

6 Reasons to Drink our Natural Wine

It’s delicious

You’re contributing to a more sustainable environment

Your mind and body will thank you

You’re making an educative decision

You’re always the partystarter

You’re joining the movement

“Your trusted friends in the beautiful world of natural wine”

The Grapehunters’ Criteria 

Healthy Grapes 

Wild Fermentation

Unfined and Unfiltered 

Zero/Low added Sulfites 

About Grapehunters

Selected by Grapehunters is built on an adventurous spirit and shared passion for natural wine. We garner relationships with the winemaking community and make real wine accessible in a fun and approachable way. No conventions, no rules, just lots of love and delicious juice. Together we can reshape the conventional wine world towards a more sustainable and inclusive model!